Public Relations

We'll be that interface you need to represent you and your business.

Churches all over the country contemplate whether or not they should hire a "marketer" to handle the exposure of their church or their conferences.  Big or small, the number of the congregation does not matter.  We can help you as you promote the only name worthy of mentioning.

Project Management

We'll manage the day to day operations and oversee your project to completion.  We will also explain all the possible solutions you have.

Strategic Planning

We'll help you decide what your business needs.

Social Media Marketing

Let us make you the talk of the town.

Some Of Our Services 



Thank you.  You've made the first step.  By stopping by our page and considering our agency, we are pleased to say we are here to help you and your business. From answering your questions, gently guiding you to helping formulate a plan of action for you and your business, your future is safe.  We will build a custom package that fits all of your needs.  We're your one-stop shop.

Talent/Media Consulting


Your source for business/Church mkting, product placement & talent/media consulting

Church Marketing

Call now to find out how:  910-248-6208


What is your talent? Do you sing, act or model?  Do you need someone to help guide you through the process of placement and classes?  Then call on us and let our team help take you to the next level.